Due to the current social distancing strategies advised by the government, getNEXT has implemented remote working arrangements for all of our staff. All non-essential site visits have also been postponed and will be discussed directly with each client.
Furthermore, in light of the customer needs for working-from-home, we have been overwhelmed with calls to make new arrangement requests. As a result, we are instituting a change in phone request procedures.

Contacting us to better serve you 

If you have a support issue or need to contact us, please first email support@getnext.com.au with your contact details, your business name and the nature of your issue, and a ticket number, if you have one. You will receive immediate receipt of your email request, along with a ticket number once allocated to an engineer. Thereafter, we will respond to you as soon as possible either by phone or email.

Identifying Urgent Issues

We appreciate that many issues feel urgent at this point in time. Our priority is to handle your most critical issues first. That is, if three or more individuals are stopped from working or the entire office is unable to work.

Issue Responses and Ticketing

All requests require a ticket to be lodged. If your office has no Internet access or all users are stopped from working, your issue will be routed to our Service Desk Manager during normal business hours. All customers with 24×7 support will have a dedicated phone number; other customers may call between 7am and 9pm but will not have remediation performed until after 8:30am on weekdays.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Ensuring the health of our staff is of utmost importance so that we can continue to offer you the highest service as quickly as possible.

Regular updates will also be provided via our newsletter. Feel free to call your account manager for any questions.

Please stay healthy and take care of each other. 
The getNEXT Team


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