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Security Scans

Proactive Cybersecurity Scans.

getNEXT Proactive Cybersecurity Scans allow you to test the effectiveness of your own IT teams, cybersecurity systems, and maintenance by scanning for security holes which could allow a data breach.

Our Cybersecurity packages are designed to provide you with visibility, reporting, and awareness on critical security holes in your network, applications, devices, and users that would allow someone to gain access to your critical IT systems so that they can be remediated before the business is compromised.

Cyber Security Scans and Penetration Testing.

Security Scans

What’s included

Application/Network Vulnerability Scanning

• Continuous scanning of external websites, network, devices, and applications.
• Identify out-of-date devices, settings, passwords, and threats.
• Network scan and remote device agent.
• Executive reporting.

Dark Web Monitoring

• Detailed reports on data and passwords leaked on the dark web.
• Real-time alerts when new data breaches occur.


Penetration Testing

• Independent “white hat” penetration testing and audits.
• Simulated fraudulent data breach.
• Continuous Automated AI-based Penetration Testing.

One of our customers in the Healthcare Industry was merged by two smaller Medicare Locals. By delivering infrastructure and data integration, getNEXT helped the customer achieve over 99.94% availability, enterprise-grade security and great business continuity. 

Security Scans


getNEXT Proactive Cyber Security Scanning scans IT systems continuously for cyber security issues so they can be identified and fixed before business is compromised.

Scan Network and Roaming devices.

getNEXT vulnerability scanning not only scans your corporate network but also provides an agent software deployed to all devices to scan for applications when they are roaming outside the office. Deep scanning also provides visibility of third-party application issues beyond just the operating system. 

Executive Reports on threats and vulnerabilities.

getNEXT provides executive reports that can be used by the IT team to demonstrate critical issues. Reports will rate issues in different severities so that priority can be given to the most important issues, and these can be actioned by the clients’ IT teams or by getNEXT if they manage the environment. 

Easier Compliance with banking, insurance, ASD Essential 8 and ISO 27001.

In the event of data breach, it is a requirement for businesses to demonstrate they are taking a proactive approach to cyber security. The vulnerability scanning, dark web monitoring and penetration testing provides evidence of ongoing efforts. This service satisfies and simplifies the requirements of cyber insurance companies, Australia Signals Directorate – Essential 8, ISO 27001, NIST and other regulators.

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Other Products

Cloud Secure

Your business is protected from malicious behavior and threats with Cloud Secure, regardless of the device or location.


Managed Cyber Security

getNEXT Managed Cybersecurity Service safeguards your system’s security and that of your data to provide you with scale, scope, and capabilities to keep up with the complexity and volume of threats.

Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Scans allow businesses to test the effectiveness of their IT teams, cyber security systems, and maintenance by scanning for security holes which could allow a data breach.

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