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IT Audit

Cloud Audit is an IT audit that assesses your infrastructure and applications to ensure the alignment of your business aims and processes. This is a vital step towards the creation of a leading edge and strong, healthy environment that will help propel your business into the future.

IT Audit

Cloud Audit

What’s included


Our team carries out a discovery on your site to document the required information and generate the initial discovery report.


Our IT audit discovers and describes gaps in the IT systems, processes and security functions.


The final report will explain every component of your IT environment thoroughly, point out risks and offer prioritised solutions.

Cloud Audit


Investing in Cloud Audit will provide you with a precise blueprint of your whole IT and network infrastructure.
An IT audit will help identify areas to improve cost efficiencies in your IT systems.


Report a deep and thorough understanding of your current IT and security environment.


Determine any vulnerabilities and find ways to remediate them in order to ensure your overall security.


Identify ways to improve IT services performance and network operations to increase efficiencies.

Risk Mitigation

Detect security weaknesses and take steps to fix them in order to strengthen and safeguard the system.


Define efficient fund allocation and work towards the reduction of long-term IT expenditures.

Did you know that companies spend an average of

300% more than they should in IT services?

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Cloud Audit



Cloud Audit can offer a new perspective or skill-set to complement those of your in-house team. Sometimes a specific area needs to be checked for compliance, but your IT staff don’t have time to carry out the IT audit thoroughly.

Reduce Risk

 Cloud Audit can lower the risk of data tampering, loss or leakage, as well as disruption of IT services and inadequate system management.

Save Cost

Cloud Audit can ensure you avoid costs resulting from over or insufficient licensing, inefficient IT management processes, duplication of efforts or resources, productivity impacts, and support blow-outs.

Cloud Audit

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