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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training.

The element of human error on the part of untrained employees is the major cause of business cyberbreaches. According to Stanford University research and IBM’s Securityver, over 61% of companies fall victim to phishing attacks annually. ConnectWise’s MSP Threat Report estimates approximately 500 million phishing attempts are made annually to small and medium businesses, and this number is only growing in 2023.

Even with all the best security measures in place, staff mistakes bypass critical systems and procedures when they believe they have received an important authentic email — only to find out too late that it is fraudulent and has caused a data breach. According to a Security consulting firm in the US, 61% of phished attacks infect more network computers than the original employee computer.

getNEXT AI Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training (SAT) addresses this concern by creating a human firewall around your business, keeping your staff alert and battle tested on cyber threats. This ensures that when a real threat comes along, it can be prevented before it causes financial loss and affects your business’s reputation.

Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

What’s included

AI Simulated Attacks.

Advanced and randomised simulated phishing attacks allow staff to be tricked into common scams and battle-tested against real situations so they know their weaknesses and can prevent a real data breach.

Behavioral Risk Score.

Each staff member is scored based on how well they can identify and report suspicious emails or content. Scores can also be used to identify risky staff and schedule additional training to ensure vulnerabilities are understood and actioned.

Bite-sized Awareness Training.

Small training chunks of 5-10 minutes provide continuous training to staff over the over the 360 essential skills they need to know. This provides little impact on staff as they only need to do the training once per month and can be done at their individual convenience.

One of our customers in the Healthcare Industry was merged by two smaller Medicare Locals. By delivering infrastructure and data integration, getNEXT helped the customer achieve over 99.94% availability, enterprise-grade security and great business continuity. 

Security Awareness Training


We keep your staff trained on cyber threats. By doing this, real threats can be prevented before they cause financial losses or damage your reputation.

Staff Completion Certificates.

The training program features modules on cyber security, threats, and best behavior for staff so they can keep security in mind and know what the need to in their day-to-day practices. There are different milestones throughout the training where staff will receive a completion certificate confirming they satisfied the requirements to the training level i.e., bronze, silver, and gold level.

Current Threat Alerts.

Threat alerts keep staff informed of major current issues in the wild right now. For example, if there is currently a major threat on social media, Microsoft in the news, or recent event, then a threat alert will be sent out to staff, so they are aware and know what to do.

Duty of Care and Cyberinsurance Policy Requirements .

In the event an organisation is breached, there is a legal obligation from customers, cyber insurance companies, and the government to prove the organisation has taken an appropriate duty of care to protect against cyber threats.
The getNEXT AI phishing simulation and Security Awareness Training services address these requirements by showing a track record of ongoing training and proof that the organisation has a continuous approach to managing risk.

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Security Awareness Training




Training program gradually educate users over the year.


Automated workflows to remind staff to complete training requirements.

Executive Reports

Keep up to date with ongoing executive reports.


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