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IT Consulting

Today’s Internet is your new Corporate Network.

Whether you are deciding to migrate onto Cloud applications or require support dealing with the complications of data optimisation, as an IT consulting product, Cloud Consult can help you create a Cloud strategy to further your IT abilities and plan for a successful Cloud migration.

IT Consulting

Cloud Consult

What’s included

Information Technology Audit

Our project managers and auditors work closely with you to ensure delivery in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Cloud  Transformation

Cloud Consult allows you to focus on business crucial tasks without the drama of purchasing dedicated and potentially expensive hardware.

Compliance Gap Analysis

Cloud Consult reviews your current control, procedures, and policies against industry best practices and regulations including cybersecurity and information security.

Cloud Consult


Cloud Consult is an IT consulting including recommendations and strategies on the IT direction of your business based on your unique requirements. Our team delivers customised and innovative solutions to suit your needs and an evaluation of the present IT infrastructure of the organisation.

It roadmapping

Our IT consulting delivers a thorough analysis and IT roadmapping from your current IT infrastructure. We use this analysis to determine areas for technological improvement and recommend strategic IT directions based on your organisational requirements.

Enterprise Architecture

Our IT consulting includes recommendations for the latest IT enterprise architecture to enhance your current IT practices. The recommendations will enable you to improve your overall IT performance and efficiency. More importantly, this enables you to boost your data storage and processing capacity, future-proofing the company’s IT infrastructure.

Review of your IT infrastructure

Our team carry out an in-depth, on-site analysis to understand your particular IT requirements and specific business goals. We use the analysis to create a map of your current IT systems and processes.

Did you know that companies spend an average of

300% more than they should in IT services?

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Cloud Consult


Dedicated Account Managers

Cloud Consult includes a dedicated account manager who will be in direct communication with your IT team providing assistance and support for the duration of the contract.

Best in Class Solutions

Our strong IT infrastructure and partnerships with major Cloud providers ensure that we can deliver the best Cloud solutions for your needs, with the latest technologies on public, private and hybrid Cloud services.

Specialised IT Solutions

Cloud Consult can improve the effectiveness of your IT systems by reducing potential downtime and increasing overall productivity. Your costs will also be meaningfully reduced, and your overall revenue increased.

Increased Performance

Your business’ performance will improve with the implementation of new enterprise architecture and increased IT capacity.

Cloud Consult

Other Cloud Products

Cloud Secure

Cloud Secure provides security regardless of device and location, protecting your business from malicious behaviour and threats.

Cloud Manage

Cloud Manage delivers managed IT services to cover your IT requirements, leaving you free to focus on business-critical matters.

Cloud Audit

Cloud Audit assesses your infrastructure and applications to ensure the alignment of your business aims and processes.

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