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Managed Cyber Security

Managed Cybersecurity Service

getNEXT Managed Cybersecurity Service safeguards your system’s security and that of your data to provide you with scale, scope, and capabilities to keep up with the complexity and volume of threats. As security experts, we are devoted to our services which cover access control, threat prevention, data protection, antivirus, spam filtering, user education, and network security, among others.

Managed Cybersecurity Service

Managed Cyber Security

What’s included

Security Operations Centre (24/7)

Monitors all your network and security systems for threats in time and can alert and lockdown potential breaches 24/7.

Essential 8 and NIST Controls

A simple bundle of services to achieve many of the requirements for in Essential 8, Insurance company needs, and NIST/CIS controls.

Advanced Security Team

Technology is implemented effectively and constantly monitored by trained professionals to block cyber attacks and provide further strategies of managing risk.

One of our customers in the Healthcare Industry was merged by two smaller Medicare Locals. By delivering infrastructure and data integration, getNEXT helped the customer achieve over 99.94% availability, enterprise-grade security and great business continuity. 

Managed Cyber Security


Our security services include access control, threat prevention, data protection, antivirus, spam filtering, user education, and network security.


Allowlisting lockdown

Locking down devices and blocking all apps unless specifically authorized via Application Allowlisting is effective in stopping malware and security risks. This is part of the Essential 8 requirements.

Advanced Endpoint EDR/XDR

Upgrade your Anti-virus with EDR/XDR (Enhanced Detection and Response) with AI and machine learning to detect anomalous activity, attackers and contain threats far more effectively and rapidly.


Web security blocking web threats

First line of defence by stopping threats before they hit your network or devices. This additional web protection that is active all the time, even when devices are outside then network and not protected by firewalls. The web protection software is installed on all devices (PCs, Mac, Android, Apple), block web threats, controls unproductive web browsing, and provides central reporting.

Security Information Event Management Monitoring

Security Operations Centre (SOC) and SIEM proactively monitor all your endpoints, servers, Office 365, firewalls, and web security for threats 24/7 to detect threats in your environment by monitoring all the logs on your network of all IT an agent installed on all devices. Using the MITRE attack framework, the SOC can detect suspicious behaviour and quarantine devices off the network if they are a threat, and detect breaches to the network, servers, endpoints, and cloud systems.


Application and Network Vulnerability Scanning

The getNEXT Managed Cybersecurity service includes a team of professionals who is constantly scanning the network and devices for applications that may contain new security issues presenting a risk. The proactive service will monitor and update these applications and identify devices on the network that are unknown or at risk.

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Managed Cyber Security


Simplified Managed Security

Best tools, working together simple and easy removing the complexity.


Easy compliance

Many of the requirements for Essential 8, insurance companies, and other compliance are included out of the box.

Flexible Costs

We have several security packages and can help you choose one to suit your unique requirements.

Centralised Visibility

All security tools connecting to each other to provide centralised reporting and visibility of threats.


Other Products

Cloud Secure

Your business is protected from malicious behavior and threats with Cloud Secure, regardless of the device or location.


Security Awareness Training

A human firewall is created around your business with AI Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training (SAT). Training staff on cyber threats and ensuring they are constantly battle-tested. It guarantees that a real threat will be prevented before it causes financial loss and affects reputation.

Security Scans

Cyber Security Scans allow businesses to test the effectiveness of their IT teams, cyber security systems, and maintenance by scanning for security holes which could allow a data breach.

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