Content Management


TruEdit® is the secure, cloud-based content and workflow management system which centralises content creation and manages workflows for mobile, print, and web publishing.

TruEdit simplifies and automates the content creation process so that you can work more efficiently and productively. Managing, producing, and delivering content is easier than ever.

Content Management


What’s included

Workflow Collaboration

Keep everyone on your team engaged and on track with a well-defined workflow. Organise and assign tasks and set deadlines for authors, designers and other content creators.

Multichannel Publishing

Create responsive HTML content with TruAuthor, TruEdit’s content development platform.  The resulting content is flexible enough to deliver to web, mobile, and print.

Production Intelligence

Assess the workflow process and identify where workflows breakdown with Dashboard, TruEdit’s data visualisation platform. With TruEdit Overview, review real-time page flow and track deadlines. 



With TruEdit’s collaborative workflow, teams can manage projects from planning to publishing. Authors, editors, and designers can work with confidence, knowing the status of a project and who it is assigned to.

Bootstrap responsive design

TruAuthor, TruEdit’s digital content production tool, allows you to create responsive HTML content that can be published once to all screen sizes, no coding experience is necessary.

Automations for more efficient production

Improve your productivity and enhance the InDesign and InCopy workflow experience with TruEdit Toolbox. Choose time-saving automation that best support your production goals, such as auto-output, hyperlinking and tagging solutions.

Manage your print workflow

Designers and production artists using InDesign can create an InDesign workflow to manage linked assets and check documents in and out, with the TruEdit InDesign Plug-in. So you can spend more time designing and less time tracking down information.

Save Time. Reduce Errors. Publish Everywhere.

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One Source for File Distribution

Creative team members manage content by “checking in” and “checking out” the most recent version of a file from one location: TruEdit.

Up-to-the-Minute Status View

Anyone in the TruEdit dashboard can quickly see where a task lies and the current assignee.

Create & Assign Jobs with Due Dates

The core of TruEdit is to create jobs. Any job in TruEdit can come with a due date, providing teams with a clear timeline.

E-mail Notifications

Creative teams have the option of being notified via e-mail when a task has been assigned, quickly kick-starting the process.


Leave and Share Notes

Effortlessly leave feedback for your team by using TruEdit’s notes, which keep the communication lines open and replaces the need for e-mail.



TruEdit can keep several versions of a file, so if you need to refer to a past edit, you don’t need to dig through e-mail or share drives.


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