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Cloud Health

Are you frustrated with the efficiency of your IT environment?

With Cloud Health, we assist in identifying opportunities to create efficiencies for your business. Cloud Health will provide you with an understanding of the health of your IT systems and identify initiatives that should be undertaken as a priority to quickly capture cost savings or to improve IT services.

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Cloud Health

What’s included

AS IS Environment Health Check

We undertake a thorough healthcheck of your IT and communications through an IT review of your AS IS environment.
Using these results we provide you with a checklist of IT assets identifying areas for improvement as well as highlighting areas
of strength.

One-on-One Interview

Throughout the Cloud Health process, we will carry out a one-on-one interview with your IT team lead to learning about your present Cloud infrastructure.

Report and Recommendation

Using the interviews and assessments as a foundation, our team will then create a Cloud Health report. Your Cloud Heath report will be the backbone of your IT plan to providing a fast, secure and optimised environment.

Cloud Health


Over time new applications, frameworks, resources may have been introduced to your IT environment. It is important to keep an overall view of the costs, vulnerabilities and additions of your Cloud environment to ensure you achieve the efficiencies that Cloud solutions offer.

Hardware Check

Our IT review will check servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers and other devices, as well as old computers still connected to the domain.


Software Check

Our IT review will check for systems with missing patches, service packs or security updates, missing anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall misconfiguration, and test the security of your passwords.


Security risks check

Our IT review will check old user accounts that have not been properly disabled, internal systems with open ports that pose a potential security risk, and external issues which put your network at risk of business disruption or data loss.


We will review your security policy for inconsistency across network devices, such as outbound system access that should be blocked, or the lack of content filtering (social media, illegal downloads, etc.).


We will review any misconfiguration of user access to network shares, and provide a detailed breakdown of security group membership.

Did you know that companies spend an average of

300% more than they should in IT services?

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Cloud Health


Budget Management

Understand your Cloud costs to determine where the budget can be better directed in terms of environment, function and more.

Enhance Processes

Focus on inefficiencies that keep your business from performing optimally. Cloud Health offers recommendations for the agile infrastructure that propel results.

Optimise Resource

Streamline your Cloud management with automated tasks, integrate smoothly over several Cloud platforms to gain deeper insight.

Save Cost

A company’s technology infrastructure must be strong enough to evolve efficiently, as the business and staff needs and goals naturally change as time goes on.

Cloud Health

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