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Cloud Transform

Cloud Migration

Applying Cloud Computing technology will drive sustainable business benefits by boosting digital transformation, accelerating innovation and creating new business models and revenue streams.

Cloud Transform delivers infrastructure, applications and services to effectively manage your Cloud migration.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Transform

What’s included

Infrastructure Migration

Our service will standardise and merge your IT infrastructure, reinforce governance and lower risks. We work in collaboration with leading Cloud providers like Azure and AWS to deliver first-in-class Cloud Computing solutions.

Application & Data Transformation

Cloud Transform enables innovative, real-time methods of accessing your information. We modernise applications that boost the scale, cost and flexibility of Cloud Computing while maintaining control and increasing the value of existing systems.

Platform Transformation

Our team has extensive experience in developing and transforming applications on a number of leading platforms. As an AWS and Microsoft Partner, we deploy public, private and hybrid Cloud solutions with deep knowledge and experience.

One of our customers in the property advisory industry was migrating to the Cloud looking to manage their data and improve cost efficiency. With a solution architected by getNEXT, the customer achieved high enterprise unification, over 99.95% durability and great versatility. 

Cloud Transform


Once you have made the decision to migrate to the Cloud, we are your team of experienced professionals who can guide you along the way.

Ensure a Smooth Transition

Our team of professionals will put you and your business at ease with a smooth Cloud migration, keeping your data safe while we easily transfer it into the Cloud.

Enterprise scale security and productivity

Public Cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure offer state of the art security solutions, allowing for even the most security-conscious companies to switch to Cloud Computing from traditional data centres.

Access Anywhere

Your data, applications and services are moved from on-site servers to the Cloud, to be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime on virtually any device.

Did you know that migrating to the Cloud

can reduce over 42% of workloads?

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Cloud Transform


Migrate Swiftly

We streamline Cloud migration and boost overall innovation by implementing pre-integrated Cloud solutions with proven assessment, migration, testing and training tools.

Stay up-to-date

Our tight-knit development team work to ensure that your Cloud infrastructure keeps up with ever-evolving technology, and consistently offers a solid return on investment.


Reduce Complexity

We assist you to reduce your digital technology footprint and propel your investments while realising substantial business outcomes.

Reduce Costs

Cloud Migration drives a reduction in effort, maintenance and support costs. The decommissioning of legacy systems can also save you millions of dollars in the long run.

Cloud Transform

Other Cloud Products

Cloud Protect

Cloud Protect protects data, shields your company from potential cybersecurity attacks and keeps systems reliably available at all times.


Cloud Productivity

Cloud Productivity is built around the value and ease of Microsoft® Office 365, which offers access to emails, documents, calendars and contacts anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Audit

Cloud Audit assesses your infrastructure and applications to ensure the alignment of your business aims and processes.

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