Finding ways to work from home efficiently is a top priority, as an ever-increasing number of people must work from home due to the widespread outbreak of the Coronavirus. Understanding the most effective ways to stay productive while you work from your home is important due to the unknown duration of this emergent situation that is impacting workers across the entire globe.

Here are five simple tips that can play a key role in helping you work efficiently at home during these uncertain times.


Create a Work Routine


Developing a routine is one of the most effective ways to work from home. For example, some people work best in the early morning hours while others can work more efficiently later in the afternoon or late at night. Finding out what works best for you helps to maximise productivity and ensure that you can easily complete all of your tasks at home.


Find a Dedicated Workspace


Many people already have an office or a workspace in their homes. However, others will need to create their own workspace while they are working remotely. Finding a space that is quiet and is free from distractions is essential in helping you maintain productivity without having to deal with constant interruptions.


Prioritise Work Assignments


Not all work assignments are created equally, as some tasks are much more important to complete compared to other tasks. Learning how to prioritise your work is critical in helping you to meet deadlines, whether you are working at home or in a traditional office. Typically, it is a great idea to focus on the most difficult tasks at the beginning of your day, as your brain is much fresher compared to the end of the day.


Avoid the Urge to Multitask


Many people are still under the false impression that multitasking helps to boost productivity. However, multitasking sometimes only creates additional distractions and makes it difficult for you to focus on your job. Instead of multitasking, it is much more effective to focus on one job task at a time and avoid overwhelming yourself with multiple tasks.


Schedule Breaks


Scheduling periodic breaks is important in maintaining productivity while you are working at home. These breaks can play a vital role in helping you improve your focus. Typically, it is a good idea to take a 15 mins break in the morning and another 15 mins break in the afternoon while also taking time off for lunch. You can also use various apps to remind you to take a rest and avoid sitting for too many hours.


Constantly Communicating to Your Colleagues


Emailing is not the most efficient way to communicate when you are working from home, especially if you need an immediate response. In our last article, we listed five kinds of must-have tools including communication platforms to empower your team collaboration. These simple tools make it easy for employees to work together and complete tasks on time without having to be in the same office together.


Working from home is a reality for a vast number of people due to the impact of the coronavirus. Finding ways to work efficiently and stay productive at home is essential during these troubling times. Following these simple tips will allow you to complete your job duties and meet the demands of your company while you are working from home. If you found any difficulties with setting up working from home for your employees, contact getNEXT for support.

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