Cloud Security
Cloud Secure

IT Security

Today’s Internet is your new Corporate Network.

Cloud Secure ensures IT security regardless of device and location, protecting your business from malicious behaviour and threats.

The challenge today with SaaS is to enhance the user experience while protecting the user and the application, not the corporate network.

IT Security

Cloud Secure

What’s included

Initial Setup and Security Preview

Throughout the preliminary setup of Cloud Secure, we will carry out a security preview on your current network and servers.

Security and Compliance Test

Our team will carry out numerous browser-based security tests to scan for weaknesses in your present IT security infrastructure.

Security Strategy and Transformation

Using the results of the security and compliance test as a foundation, our team of professionals will make recommendations to deliver a more secure network, reducing the threat of IT security breaches on your business.

One of our customers in the Healthcare Industry was merged by two smaller Medicare Locals. By delivering infrastructure and data integration, getNEXT helped the customer achieve over 99.94% availability, enterprise-grade security and great business continuity. 

Cloud Secure


The challenge today with SaaS is to enhance the user experience while protecting the user and the application, not the corporate network.

Cloud Secure Internet Access

Cloud Secure offers a safe Internet and web gateway delivered as a service from the Cloud. It is like a secure Internet onramp – the only thing you have to do is make Cloud Secure your next step to the Internet. Cloud Secure Internet access offers the benefits of access management, risk prevention and data protection.

Cloud Secure Private Access

Cloud Secure offers safe remote access to internal applications that happen to be running in the Cloud or in the data centre. It offers a different solution to that of remote access VPNs, enabling our clients to let go of the data centre appliance approach in order to take advantage of a modern, Cloud-based approach.

Real Time Threat Correlation

Cloud Secure offers a dynamic service that examines the risk of each and every webpage object or the webpage itself through content and domain analysis. Cloud Secure dynamically computes the risk of each and every webpage object or the webpage itself using content and domain analysis.

Need to access your network, on demand, remotely and securely?

We have a solution for your IT security!

Cloud Secure


Remote and Quick Access

Cloud Secure offers remote network access from any registered device including desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices.

Improved Performance

Significantly improve your network performance with only one channel securing your network to the Cloud.

Flexible Costs

We have a number of Cloud Secure packages and can help you choose one to suit your unique requirements.


Less Complexity, Better Experience

Connecting to your network is simple and doesn’t require any special IT knowledge or skillset. It offers an easy, streamlined user experience.

Cloud Secure

Other Products

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Cloud Transform delivers infrastructure, applications and services to effectively manage your Cloud migration and deliver business requirements.

Cloud Protect

Cloud Protect protects data, shields your company from potential cybersecurity attacks and keeps systems reliably available at all times.

Cloud Network

Cloud Network integrates Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) with your current environment to improve your end user experience.

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