Digital Transformation

Checklist – Prepare Your Office for A Holiday Shutdown Period

As the holiday season is coming, it’s time to start preparing for the holiday shutdown. For many businesses, early planning saves them from unexpected challenges and technical problems that might prevent them from fully enjoying their holidays.

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Digital Transformation

3 Digital Transformation Challenges

For those considering, planning for, or undertaking a digital transformation, you will soon discover it is not the new technology that is the problem but your company’s business culture and strategy.

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Collaboration tools

Workplace Collaboration Technologies

In essence, the processes of applying new technologies should not force employees to work across multiple interfaces as this creates a sense of inadequacy in terms of the integration of the work applications they use, leaving them frustrated.

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Enterprise Network

5 Key Requirements for Enterprise Network

To support the use of cloud apps, you must be able to securely route your branch traffic direct-to-internet.

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Office 365

Office 365 Survey: Challenges and Opportunities

Office 365 is the fastest growing and most broadly used SaaS platform.150 Organisations are adopting it to improve productivity, reduce cost 100 and complexity, and focus internal resources on their core business.


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