The business sector has experienced tremendous growth in recent times, thanks to the impact of technologies such as 5G cellular connectivity, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, among others. Using these emerging technologies, employers and business owners can now mine customer data, monitor feedback, create bigger networks and streamline mundane processes much better and faster than ever before.

Notably, these emerging technologies deliver massive speeds never witnessed before, allowing companies to generate and manage data swiftly and effectively. This translates to better efficiency and improved productivity at the workplace given that employees will have more hours to focus on other important matters.

So how do emerging technologies benefit business productivity? Let’s find out!

Remote Working

Remote working has been a reality even before the onset of new technologies. Essentially, your employees can work from home using basic internet connectivity. Nevertheless, this has always had its fair share of shortcomings ranging from poor connectivity to restricted bandwidth.

However, with the emergence of 5G networks, coupled with smart technologies, connectivity issues will be unheard of. In effect, employees can work more efficiently from anywhere, communicate effectively with team leaders and deliver work promptly.


The main objective of any business is to make a profit, and marketing is one of the channels of realising this goal. Nevertheless, traditional marketing strategies are fast becoming outdated. These methods are not only costly and inefficient in today’s world, but also time-consuming. This, in turn, affects business productivity negatively.

Nonetheless, emerging technologies like AI can greatly help market a business. Team leaders may utilise AI to leverage customer data and concepts like machine learning to predict the customer’s next move. This saves time spent on the field carrying out promotional campaigns, allowing employees to concentrate on other tasks.

Improved Data Processing

Speed matters when it comes to the processing of data. Business managers should be able to access important customer data quickly to decide on the next course of action the business should take. The good news is that with edge computing and cloud computing, this is no longer a problem. These new technologies are at the forefront in allowing managers to access critical data whenever they need it with low end-to-end latency. This, in turn, improves business productivity given that employees won’t have to spend a lot of time, mining and processing data.


The transfer of multiple data between sites and across different locations exposes businesses to hackers and cyber-attacks. This means that your security team has to work extra hard to keep hackers at bay. However, with the emergence of various technologies, your team will have an easy time dealing with security threats. Emerging technologies such as edge computing allow for the pre-processing of data and filtering of sensitive information. This means that the system will only send necessary data that will assist with data modelling to the cloud.

Information about the exact timeline of the deployment of most of these emerging technologies is still scarce. However, things are looking up for entrepreneurs who have embraced technology as the driving force behind their businesses. With the emergence of new technologies, business managers should expect better growth and productivity.


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