Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not anything new in the world of business. This branch of technology emphasises the development of computer systems that simulate human intelligence to perform various tasks that enhance and streamline business operations.

Computer systems can now reason, recognise speech, solve problems and even make decisions without requiring human intervention, thanks to AI. Considering this, it is not surprising that some studies indicate that over 76% of business leaders around the world believe that AI would be the driving force to the success of an organisation.

According to research, businesses that have already embraced AI have experienced a boost of up to 39% in their turnover. But that’s not all. The fact that AI can handle repetitive and routine tasks quickly and efficiently means that employees can now focus on matters that are more important to the organisation. This translates to an increase in productivity by up to 40%.

Here is a breakdown on how companies can leverage on AI to improve workplace productivity:


The Hiring Process and Onboarding


Recruiting new employees can be a long and protracted process. This is particularly true for larger companies that normally receive millions of applications whenever there are job openings available. Thankfully, AI can help streamline the hiring process, making it faster and smoother. Essentially, recruiters may use AI tools to pre-screen and rank candidates thus cutting down on the time and energy spent in the hiring process.


Corporate Training and Learning


Let’s face it. No employee would want to stay in a job that does not offer more opportunities for vertical growth. With a lack of employee retention, businesses are bound to experience a drop in productivity. However, with artificial intelligence tools, you can create learning and development programs that enhance employee engagement and workplace productivity. You could even utilise AI tools that use augmented reality technology at the workplace to provide employees with a better learning experience.


Streamlining and Automating Business Processes


AI can indeed enhance workplace productivity by up to 40% or even more. However, for your business to experience this change, you have to automate your operations. AI is capable of automating repetitive tasks and mundane processes thus allowing your employees to engage in other important activities. This translates to better efficiency, cost minimisation and enhanced productivity.


Customer Satisfaction


Giving your customers a good experience will certainly lead to higher conversions and enhanced customer loyalty. However, this might not possible if your support department cannot access relevant data that may help improve customer relations. With that said, using AI tools may help your support staff engage the customer better. Alternatively, you may implement a chatbot, which mines available data and provides quick answers to customers, consequently allowing your employees to focus on other matters.


The Takeaway


Here’s the point. AI is no longer a buzzword. The sooner you implement AI at the workplace, the better for your business. Through automation, data collection and decision-making, implementing Artificial Intelligence can go a long way to boost productivity consequently enhance profitability.


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