getNEXT and Infin8IT announce the merger of their IT Managed Service Businesses

MELBOURNE, Australia – March 21, 2022 – getNEXT Pty Ltd and Infin8IT Pty Ltd announce the completion of a merger of their IT services businesses. The merger encompasses the IT Managed Services and Cloud Solution consulting divisions of both companies.

In October 2021, Infin8IT Pty Ltd and getNEXT Pty Ltd agreed to merge their managed services operations into a single pool of resources and processes. The partnership between these two Australian companies will deliver best-in-class products and services throughout Australia.

Besides a wealth of experience in both government and SME, Infin8IT marks its eighth year of growth with this merger. Infin8IT has shown double digit  revenue growth annually since its inception. The merger will significantly increase the staff resources and expertise available to customers of both organisations.

Frances Basile, General Manager for Managed Services Solutions said about the value of this merger: “While the pandemic has challenged the IT industry, it has also bolstered the need for security and timely assistance online. So, we firmly believe in a robust recovery and growth of IT Services in the next year”. Together, the companies will accelerate product innovation and an ecosystem that meets the future of our customers. “Today, the expectations of our corporate and government customers have fundamentally changed. Now, since the pandemic, we all demand products that are designed specifically to be used from home or on the road, not just in the office to meet our customers business needs in both security and simplicity.”, said Basile.

“As an IT industry thought leader, getNEXT will define a progressive future with Infin8IT by extending the distribution and deployment of enterprise business solutions as well as managed services and infrastructure technologies. Our customers have already grown to expect the consulting value and managed service excellence that we provide. With Infin8IT in the group, this will accelerate and enhance the customer experience.” said Lee Silverman, CEO of getNEXT. “Combining Infin8IT’s government contracts and enterprise-scale delivery expertise with the well-established integration and business analysis of getNEXT, the two companies together will solidify industry best practice and delivery.”

Together, Infin8IT and getNEXT will become an advanced Cloud and managed services company with a growing customer base of over 100 organisations.

getNEXT (St Kilda, VIC) is an enterprise-scale managed service provider specialising in Cloud services, IT consulting and Salesforce delivery.

Infin8IT (Collingwood, VIC) is a managed services business with over 40 customers, founded in 2014 with the intent to establish Cloud solutions for office productivity, telephony, and general infrastructure.


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