Office365 took the market by storm, and many businesses are already making use of its basic functions such as cloud-based office documents and emails. However, what many people do not know is that there is so much to Office365 than what meets the eye, making it very attractive for businesses to take advantage of all these functionalities.

Office365 offers users a wide range of features including cloud-based applications, guaranteed redundancy and unlimited online storage capabilities. How these features can contribute to the productivity of your business?


Unrestricted Document Sharing


One of the major perks of Office365 is document sharing. Office365 improves document sharing and collaboration between team members. By eliminating the tedious process of sending documents, or emails in loops for revision, Office365 makes the process of document sharing quite seamless.

On top of that, you will also receive instant input directly from the right people. When using your favourite applications in the cloud, users can easily collaborate on PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents. Office365 directly applies the changes and then automatically tracks the changes back to the person who executed them. Elimination of the email loop, in turn, means users can save both energy and time while churning out high-quality work.


Unlimited Online Storage


Do you have a huge file that you cannot share via email? You could opt to put the file in a flash and then physically take it to all the recipients. However, as we all know this would be quite impractical. If you are looking for a way to share the file with your colleagues, then Office365 will do that for you.

Using Office365’s share feature allows users to have direct access to the specific file. On top of that, users can also make edits freely as required. Office365 also enables users to download huge files without any difficulties in instances where they would like to keep a copy for themselves. The user’s productivity will always increase when they can focus on the work and not the size of the file.


Zero Downtime


Downtime should never dictate productivity. By switching to Office365, users will be eliminating data accessibility issues. Microsoft achieves this by hosting the file in a number of data centres spread across the world.

If anything happens to one of the data centres, then other centres will seamlessly takeover, thereby offering users access to their files. It’s important to point out that downtime will not only result from natural disasters or cyber-attacks, but it can also be the periods when you would want to access your files, but you cannot connect to the servers/office.

One of the most common examples is air travel. Long flights without having something kills productivity. However, with Office365 it does not have to be so. When you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can easily connect to your files from any location in the world. You are never going to be far from work again.


Enhanced Employee Productivity and Engagement


If you would like your employees to become friends or bond with each other, then Office365’s Yammer and Skype will do the work for you. With an increase in communication on a more personal level, your employees will enjoy a strong sense of belonging, that’s proven to increase employee productivity and engagement. By introducing Office365 to your workplace, you will be increasing employee engagement.


At getNEXT we are committed to helping our customers safeguard their IT integrity and ensure their business continuity, focusing on business outcomes, not technology solutions alone. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business.

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