If you have attended any IT event over the past few years, chances are you have heard the term ‘Digital Transformation’ way too many times. While it can be abstract and mysterious, this new trend plays a vital role in the success of today’s companies. Here are the top five reasons why digital transformation is essential for businesses of all sizes.


Meet increasing demands


Technology is undoubtedly becoming an essential part of modern society. And today’s customers, both external and internal, expect the same form of experience that they have with the Internet or smartphone in their daily lives. However, it can be a challenging task for businesses to achieve. Companies are increasingly demanding more agile networking capability and hybrid IT applications to provide their customers with the best experience. Whether it is an automated phone call, an interactive website, or a mobile phone app, digital is firmly at the centre of the user’s experience. That experience should be efficient, responsive, and seamless, or they will abandon your products and turn to the competitors.

Improve efficiencies


Employers are searching for new tools and methods to allow for productivity improvements, with digital transformation playing a vital part in assisting employees to be more efficient in their roles. Advanced applications and software provide a great opportunity for core functions like human resources or finance to replace manual tasks and automate critical processes, such as payroll, reporting, or data entry. Also, the embrace of innovative solutions enables remote working and provide access to services or technology on demand. This increases flexibility for employees to thrive.

Hire and retain the best talent


The most talented candidates don’t only consider salaries and perks to make their decisions any more. Instead, the working environment and potential development will be the decisive factors. To hire and retain these people, it is important for businesses to adopt new trends and create the best experience in the workplace. From virtual learning centres and innovative applications to online meetings and automatic processes, digital transformation can provide your potential employees with many great features to achieve and climb quickly in their career ladder.

Ensure business security


One of the most difficult challenges for many business owners and IT managers is to store large amounts of data coming from their network while ensuring the security of the whole system. This seems to be an extremely complicated task which requires rigorous access enforcement, shielding from online attacks and data compliance. But even the best security strategies are useless when an underperformed network forces employees to go elsewhere for faster speeds and flexibility. For these reasons, it is crucial for every business to adopt a security system with the most advanced technology across all data, applications, and networks to avoid data breaches.  

Create competitive advantages


Digital transformation is an excellent opportunity to build your competitive advantages. The Internet and technology have eliminated the geographic barriers and opened up new markets for any companies to embrace. No matter where your headquarter is, it is possible to cooperate and work with international partners and clients thanks to advanced trading and communication tools. By adopting these techniques, you will always be ahead of your competitors in the global playground.


Let getNEXT support you on your digital transformation journey. Ranging from Cloud transformation, Security and Network products to Salesforce implementations, getNEXT’s product suite takes advantage of technology and communication to keep your business productive, efficient and flexible.

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