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Sydney North Health Network receives a Primary Health Network Facelift

Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) is one of 31 Primary Health Networks (PHNs) established by the Australian Government to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for the community.

SNHN has resulted from the consolidation of two smaller Medicare Locals formerly called Northern Sydney Medicare Local and Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local.

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Case Study

Business Situation

Due to the liquidation of the two former Medicare locals, it became necessary to merge, rationalise and integrate all the IT and Communications into a single location. SNHN sought a single, quality IT services provider to deploy the implementation, training and management of the entire site.

getNEXT was already supporting Sydney North Shore and Beaches Medicare Local and therefore could gain immediate access to the preferred application suite of the new PHN.

“getNEXT has grown in their support coverage from our Cloud Services to our Desktop Management to our complete National network.”

Case Study


getNEXT developed a project plan to implement the new infrastructure and communications network based on SNHN’s core requirements, which were:


  • Consolidation of the server infrastructure and data centre;
  • Provision of managed IT Services on an ongoing basis;
  • Delivery of change management and training for all personnel;
  • Security, privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information (e.g. individuals’ health records);
  • Ongoing monthly managed support services for both IT and network infrastructure;
  • Standardisation of up to 65 employees of the two organisations, including executive staff; and
  • Unification of the domain name, website and network.

Besides managing the entire IT infrastructure, the new unified technology offers:


  • Consolidation: A single datacentre for all mission-critical applications;
  • High Availability: Over 99.94% uptime protection and accessibility;
  • Security: Enterprise-grade safeguards against spam, virus and penetration attacks;
  • Business Continuity: Recovery from disaster with no more than an hour of downtime.

Case Study

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