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m3property migrates entire operations to the Cloud

m3 is an independent property advisory firm that focuses on valuations and specialist advisory services for the property industry.

The company was established in 1978 and currently employs around 100 staff members across all states of Australia, as well as South East Asia. They provide professional services such as Asset Advisory, Litigation and Acquisition, Rating & Taxation, Research and Valuation.

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Case Study

Business Situation

m3 was planning to move both their Victorian headquarters and their Sydney office to new locations. All the data and applications on their old servers, located at their Victorian headquarters, had to be migrated to the Cloud. This enabled them to move premises quickly and easily, without the need to move the servers or invest in new hardware in the future. They required the expertise of the getNEXT professionals to manage this migration and to maintain their IT and Communications throughout the office move.

“getNEXT continues to maintain and support our vital IT systems with excellence.”

Case Study


getNEXT, working closely with m3, selected AWS to be the primary Cloud vendor to architect a solution addressing the following:


  • Overall project management of the migration;
  • Upgrade and update all of m3’s application services for Microsoft Server 2012;
  • Migrate all main applications to the Cloud environment for remote access;
  • Deliver terminal services and allow remote access for all office locations;
  • Manage all m3 servers for maintenance and monitoring; and
  • Maintain and optimise economically efficient, elastic Cloud farm for the national operations.

In addition to providing a flexible and scalable Cloud services environment for all the office locations, the new Cloud instances deliver:


  • Enterprise Unification: A centralised platform and database for all business processes
  • Durability: A minimum of 99.95% uptime with redundancy and diversity;
  • Scalability: The opportunity to increase and decrease resources as required;
  • Versatility: Rapid ability to upgrade to the most contemporary operating systems; and
  • Flexibility: Swift and seamless migration from one server environment to another.

Case Study

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