Focusing on cyber security for your business is essential, especially in this pandemic. Cyber criminals are always finding new ways to target businesses, as it is important for your company to always stay proactive against these threats. Here are a few simple ways to secure your digital space by following these cybersecurity tips. 

Use Multi-Factor Authentication 


One of the easiest ways to provide your accounts with an additional layer of protection is to use multi-factor authentication. Instead of only using a password to access an account, an employee will also need to enter a time-sensitive code sent to their email address or mobile. This extra layer of security makes it much more difficult for cybercriminals to hack into an account. 

Develop an Incident Response Plan 


Another key aspect of improving cybersecurity for your business is to create an incident response plan for a wide range of scenarios. This proactive approach to cybersecurity keeps your business well-prepared for a variety of cyber-attacks. An incident response plan helps you to be ready and prepared in case an attack happens, you can move quickly and minimise downtime and attack surface. As a result, employees are much less likely to make mistakes and can limit the impact of a cyber-attack by always staying up to date on the latest incident strategies for your business. 


Update Security Policies 


Staying proactive is one of the most important aspects of cybersecurity. Keeping your policies up to date with the latest threats in the workplace is essential in avoiding data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. A managed IT service provider can develop and update your cybersecurity policies for the ultimate protection against malicious threats. Always looking at ways to improve and never staying satisfied is a key component of successful IT security for businesses of all size. 

Keep Software Up to Date 


Software upgrades are important in patching areas of vulnerability while also improving various features. Keeping all of your software up to date is critical in limiting cybercriminals that attempt to exploit vulnerable areas within a software. Turning on automatic updates is a convenient way to keep your software up to date without having to rely on employees manually downloading and installing these updates. 


Create a Bring Your Device (BYOD) Policy 


A BYOD policy is essential in today’s workplace. The vast majority of employees use their own devices to access work files, whether they are in the office or working at home. Creating a BYOD policy is a great way to keep these devices secure and prevent the chance of a data breach. An IT service provider can develop a detailed BYOD policy that educates employees on how to use these devices safely without jeopardising IT security. 


Finding ways to secure your data by following these simple tips is important in limiting data breaches and downtime in the workplace. You can protect your information in a variety of ways, such as using multi-factor authentication, creating incident response plans, and keeping software up to date. Always looking at ways to improve your IT security is essential in staying ahead of cyber threats and giving your business much-needed protection in the workplace. 


getNEXT‘s Cloud Secure gives you comprehensive protection against any cyber-attacks. Let getNEXT provide you with peace of mind without worrying about data breaches or system downtime and improve your current IT performance.

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