How Will a CRM Grow and Scale My Business?


CRM, short for customer relationship management, is referring to bridging the gap between your customers and your company. This can be done through CRM platforms, not only through numerous skills and tactics but through carefully crafted reports, analytics. CRM platforms give your employees vital information about customers. This allows for an improvement in interactions, giving your consumers a more streamlined and comfortable process.


Should I Choose Salesforce CRM or Free CRMs?


Needless to say, free CRMs won’t get you far due to limitations. For newcomers and start-ups, if you feel that you don’t require a CRM system that has more features, capabilities and expansions, then it might be better, for now, to continue using free CRMs.

However, for those individuals who feel that they need a CRM system which could give a much-needed boost from the overwhelming number of tasks that needs to be completed, Salesforce is just what you need. Especially once you start to see growth and increase in your customer base, you should start investing in a CRM platform that will curate and deliver on what your customers want.

If you aren’t yet convinced that your company can hugely benefit from Salesforce CRM, here are some comparisons between Salesforce CRM and free CRMs:

  • Easy-of-use, you can feel a sense of confidence knowing exactly what you’re doing
  • Salesforce is here to stay; this means continuous updates to increase productivity and efficiency when using it
  • Salesforce understands the fundamentals of what customers want and how they want it, and it’ll  assist you in just that
  • Customisability, Salesforce wasn’t made for the average company, it’s meant for you to take advantage of it and make it your own
  • Salesforce’s massive pool of previously satisfied customers can be a testament to how beneficial it has been for them
  • Cloud-based technologies, backups, security, and accessibility are done using some of the industry’s most highly regarded systems


How Can Salesforce Be Integrated with an ERP?


Seeking to take things to the next level and track everything through just one simple system? Well, here are your options when integrating Salesforce CRM and ERP:

  • Custom integration, if you have a large organisation and don’t have time to mess around
  • For smaller companies, you can look into AppExchange for integrations
  • For those with an ERP from SAP or Oracle, third-party tools like Mulesoft can be used for the integration easily and effectively

If you would like to seek more options that are best suited to your needs, feel free to contact getNEXT and inquire about anything! Although it might take some time to get things right, ERP integration, in the long run, is one of the most robust ways to grow efficiently.


How Will a CRM Solution Help Me Attain More Leads?


If you have acquired the right CRM, you’ll have in-depth analytical insights to your customers and how to set off on the right trajectory. Moreover, you should also have access to tracking campaigns and current communications. These are all signs of a perfect CRM platform. So, back to the question, YES, you’ll be able to convert potential customers, with the right CRM, you’ll have the right information on how to interact with your customers!


How Will a CRM improve My Sales Numbers?


Essentially, this is all done through the crucial information and data you’d be receiving with a CRM. At the same time, all the information will be stored in an accessible location for all your employees. Meaning, there won’t be any hassle or wasting of time involved.

Once you’ve got a CRM system put into place, you can locate and track various leads and potential customers’ information. So, you’ll have everything stored in one place without having a dedicated server of any sort since it’s all up in the cloud. Even going as far as to create lists, notes, and reminders to help you run more productively to eventually growing and further developing your collaboration.


Can a CRM Be Customised to Improve My Sales performance?


As every company operates separately and differently alongside their distinct strategies and tactics involved, customising your CRM is something that could boost sales. This is done according to what’s required for your business, so your environment is set up exactly to your needs.


As experts in Salesforce implementation, and support, getNEXT will empower you to take full advantage of the Salesforce ecosystem. Our Salesforce integration services can develop custom integrations as well as integrate apps from AppExchange to fit your specific needs.

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