This year is already shaping up to be a special one in terms of technological innovation, thanks to digitalisation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, which are gaining more and more ground.

Here are our technology projections for 2020:


The great return of cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies, or cyber currencies, gradually attracted attention in the year 2019 and will have to expand in 2020. It all started with Bitcoin in 2009, which boomed among Internet users, before giving way to the Libra, an initiative launched by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.


Artificial intelligence as a distinctive feature of products and services


Throughout the last year, the focus on artificial intelligence (AI) was mainly based on its modes of use. In 2020, there will be more discussion of how AI can be used to showcase high-performance products and services.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have been powerful technology trends in recent years, as evidenced by the interest in chatbots and participants’ connecting tools. These trends will accelerate as new AI-based technologies enter the market in 2020. The biggest impact will be on more personalised event experiences.

In the coming years, powerful recommendation engines will be available. They will provide organised suggestions for the sessions, exhibitors, and participants to meet. With the approval of delegates, the recommendations will be based on several variables. For example, participant demographics, browsing history in the session catalogue, badge scans, stay time, repeated visits to exhibitors’ booths, work experience, event, etc.


The spread of 5G


The 5th generation of mobile technology begun to establish its foundations in the year 2019. In 2020, more mobile phone brands will try their best to push this technology to their products. 5G will allow you to browse and download faster than before, but it will also mark the massification of technologies such as Telemedicine or the Internet of Things (IoT).


Concrete projection of autonomous vehicles


During the last few years, new technology trends in autonomous vehicles have emerged. The electric and green vehicle industry was developing fast in 2019. Most of these companies like Tesla are enthusiastic supporters of driving automation. T his technology is expected to be more reliable and be applied to more models this year.


The Evolution of Big Data


Big Data has been around for some time, but the way companies use data is starting to change. The first step was to use the information to create better profiles of their clients. Now, companies have begun to use the behavioural data of online clients to adjust their marketing decisions offline. And the result is huge.

Big data is one of the most important technology trends to keep following in 2020. Coupled with machine learning it will help surface a lot of knowledge on the behaviour of humans in different scenarios.

2020 is a year of technological revolution across all major industries. Technology trends hint to the exponential increase in both talent acquisition and investment for all major players on the market.


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