Most organisations rely on data to run their business and develop opportunities. The loss of data can cripple business’ operations and make it almost impossible to recover. Over 60% of businesses that suffer from catastrophic data loss close down within six months.

Because of bush fires in Australia, the threats of natural disasters have been put on the table more often. These natural disasters are wide-ranging, whether it is a fire, flood, hurricane, or a tornado. Natural disasters can wipe out your business in only a matter of minutes and cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Preparing your business against these dire scenarios is essential in keeping your data well-protected at all times. Here are the top five ways to protect your data from natural disasters.


Backup All of Your Data

Many organisations have data scattered in a wide range of areas. All of this business information is suspectable to cyber-attacks or may be lost due to a natural disaster. Understanding and choosing the most appropriate way to store your data are essential in ensuring your business continuity. Never forget to back up all your business information to keep your data safe at all times from a natural disaster.


Develop a Business Continuity Plan

One of the most effective ways to keep your company secure is to create a business continuity plan for a wide range of scenarios. A business continuity plan gives your employees guidance on how to handle various crises. Ultimately, a business continuity plan helps you stay proactive against natural disasters and limit the chance of data loss.


Upload Your Data to the Cloud

Cloud computing is an excellent way to avoid any potential data loss. You can automatically upload all of your critical data to the Cloud for the ultimate safety and protection. Cloud technology also makes it easy for employees to access information at any place with access to the internet.


Utilise Geographic Redundancy

Another way to keep your information safe is to use geographic redundancy. Many Cloud providers replicate your data to a secondary location for added protection. Geographic redundancy services may cost your business additional money, but it is well worth the price and peace of mind.


Always Stay Prepared


The last thing to do is regularly training your employees for crisis scenarios. It is also a great idea to continue to look at ways to improve your business continuity plan and never stay satisfied with the status quo.

Safeguarding your data against natural disasters is essential for businesses of all sizes. An accident can create significant data loss and lead to many hours of downtime for your business. However, following these simple tips can help your company avoid such a dire scenario.


getNEXT’s product Cloud Protect provides Cloud backup and disaster recovery that protects data, shields your company from any potential attacks and keeps systems reliably available at all times. Let getNEXT provide you with peace of mind without worrying about data breaches or system downtime and improve your current IT performance.

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