The world of Cyber Security continues to evolve, as cybercriminals look at new ways to gain access to your information and data. Understanding how to keep your business or your personal information well-protected is essential in limiting downtime and saving yourself from experiencing a lot of stress. Here are a few of the top Cyber Security trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

Targeted Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are always a major threat to organisations and individuals. These scams often attempt to use fear tactics to trick the victims into giving out personal information by responding to a fake email. Always keep in mind that a legitimate company will never randomly ask you for personal information. It is a good idea to remember to help you avoid being the next victim of these malicious schemes. 

Increase in loT Attacks

Another expected trend in 2020 is an increase in the Internet of Things (loT) attacks. The use of loT technology continues to become more prevalent because many of these devices are easy targets for hackers. Over 31 million loT devices will be in use in 2020. But as the lack of built-in security makes it simple for cybercriminals to access these devices. You can increase IoT security by deploying access controls or leaving it to us.

Mobile Device Attacks

The vast majority of people use mobile devices every day to access the internet. Many cybercriminals target mobile devices because they provide an easy way to access confidential information without requiring a lot of resources. Always download the latest security updates is important to keep your device well-protected at all times.

Cyber Security Automation

Many of the cyberattacks use automation technology to target a wide range of victims. The best way to protect yourself against these cyberattacks is to use Security automation tool or consult a Cyber Security expert. Security automation software and IT security consultants can limit the cyber Security skill gap and is a highly effective way to deal with a wide range of cybersecurity threats in the workplace.

Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure

This might not be relevant to SMBs, but critical infrastructure is becoming a top target for cybercriminals. Damaging critical infrastructure makes it almost impossible to perform simple tasks and can lead to significant costs and downtime. A few examples of the most recent cyberattacks against critical infrastructure include the Ukrainian power outages in 2015, attacks on the UK energy sector in 2017, and threats against nuclear power plants in the United States. These types of attacks will only continue to grow in popularity and will become even more prominent in 2020.


getNEXT‘s  Security Solutions and Managed IT Services give you comprehensive protection against any cyber-attacks. Let getNEXT provide you with peace of mind without worrying about data breaches or system downtime and improve your current IT performance.

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