Salesforce is undeniably one of the leading cloud-based software companies in the world. The company is renowned for its flagship customer relationship management software that helps businesses connect more with their customers.

Investing in Salesforce can be an exciting but also stressful process. You might need to spend months investigating the system, getting support from all stakeholders, getting budgets approved, and finally ingraining into your business’ daily routines.

Therefore, you should release the full potential of Salesforce to get the most of your investment. Here are five tips your business could use to optimise the performance of Salesforce:


1. Get all of your relevant data into Salesforce


Your team and management will never fully embrace it or trust it until it is the depended-upon source of truth for information. A well-implemented Salesforce is not enough, it should be integrated into your workflow, which makes data migration an important task. You should consider creating a comprehensive strategy for dealing with user mapping, creating custom fields and managing access control.


2. Get your hand a bit dirty


Do the Trailheads, attend the conferences and subscribe to the communities for products that you use. In the case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, getting involved and exposing yourself to the potential of Salesforce will keep you excited, knowledgeable and feeling capable of solving all your problems.


3. Get everyone invested and committed/involved


The biggest failure that happens is that after Salesforce gets implemented, no one uses it or uses it properly. It’s important that everyone gets to have their say and impact on the total solution. The first step to accelerate Salesforce adoption is to understand and learn from your end-users. Discuss the dashboards, features and reports with your staff to empower them to work more effectively with Salesforce.


4. Explore its various functionalities


Too many businesses use Salesforce, but still produce a spreadsheet for sales meetings. Salesforce’s customised dashboard and automatic reporting functions make it the most efficient way to support a sales meeting. You can show stakeholders the business progress and make resourceful decisions based on the up-to-date data on your Salesforce dashboard, including customer profiles, performance figures and opportunities.


5. Have a trusted partner


Work with a Salesforce Partner who can assist you through the process and consult on the direction. When it comes to building an IT roadmap, recommending best practices, or implementing Salesforce with ease, experienced experts can give you deep insights into your business and boost the performance of your Salesforce system. Salesforce should evolve with your business instead of being left stagnant. Salesforce regularly releases updates introducing new features which will affect the system performance and user experience. So, periodical maintenance by a certified partner is critical.


As experts in Salesforce implementation, and support, getNEXT will empower you to take full advantage of the Salesforce ecosystem. Our Salesforce integration services can develop custom integrations as well as integrate apps from AppExchange to fit your specific needs.

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