In the past decade, social media has evolved from merely a place to share experiences and thoughts with your family and friends into a platform to provide and gather information with a broader audience. Today’s social media landscape allows virtually anyone to be a potential recipient of information. The expansive and almost instantaneous reach of knowledge passed on through social media is the reason why businesses have been tapping on social media platforms in their list of marketing channels. For both small and large businesses, there is a constant challenge to ensure that your social media activity is aligned with your marketing strategy. Social media provides a wealth of information to get to know your market and translate that information into creating demand for your product. Hence, you have to use social media strategically to maximise engagement to your target market, increase your customer base, and enhance loyalty among your existing customers – all of which would ideally translate to increased sales.

Marketing content in social media

  To effectively handle your social media as a marketing tool, you have to make sure that your social media content is:
  •    Consistent and highly frequent

Regular and consistent posting should be done to increase your visibility and to constantly reinforce your message. While it is important to frequently post in your social media accounts, you should also determine how often would it be appropriate for your audience to see your content. Be careful of overwhelming your followers with too many posts that they would be discouraged from following your accounts.

  •    Relevant and Engaging

Be strategic in how you form your message given the platform that you’re working on. Know the limitations of your platform, such as the length of posts or sharing capabilities. You must also keep the content fresh by making your posts relevant and engaging to your markets, such as connecting related current events or trending news to your product. Make sure that links in posts are also shortened to encourage your followers to click and are directed to further information.

How automation can help in social media marketing

  With the rapid exchange of information in social media, it is often difficult for social media managers to constantly know the pulse of their market and ensure that their social media presence is consistent, frequent, relevant and engaging. Automation in social media marketing has become an option especially for those handling huge amounts of information and data. These are some of the possible tools you can use to maximise your social media coverage with less time and effort. Facebook and other social media applications have their own built-in analytics which can help optimise your social media marketing approach. While automation has its benefits, you should make sure that the automation works for your purpose. There are types of content that cannot be effectively shared in the same format, i.e. videos or images, across all social media accounts. It is advisable to not over-automate as current followers and potential followers can easily detect this and may lead to less engagement with your market.   getNEXT’s Content Suite provides powerful support for social media marketing. It’s the centre of marketing efforts that supercharges the marketing workflow form Ideation to delivery and analytics. With Content Suite, the creation and management of your content will become seamless and efficient within a smarter MarTech ecosystem.


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